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Teens Now Talk Apparel

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Teens Now Talk Apparel - Jessica Bowden

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Street fashion that speaks, supports and stands for those who cannot.


Inspiring Today's Youth, =ITY, pronounced equality is a non-profit society that was created by Jessica Bowden M.S.M., the founder and publisher of the social enterprise Teens Now Talk (TNT) Magazine. The print and online publication is a seven-time award winning, Halifax based, quarterly magazine written by teens for teens. It's a powerful resource used in classrooms by educators throughout Canada and United States.

Through her work with Teens Now Talk, it became apparent to Jessica there was a need to create opportunities for youth where it didn't exist. Teens Now Talk provides youth with a voice, face-to-face connections and hands-on entrepreneurial experience. They work to inspire and empower youth with the confidence to achieve and the mindset to succeed.

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